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Glass Half Full Career Coaching

An optimistic and action-oriented approach to your career development

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Career Coaching 
for Young Adults

A practical and personalised approach to explore, identify and action your career plan.

Why leave your career to chance?    


Career coaching can help you answer the following:

  • HELP! I need a job. Where should I look?                                 

  • What career or occupation am I most aligned with?

  • I’m ready for a change but what do I do next?                         

  • Should I do further study?  Where?  How?

  • I’m returning to work – what's out there?                                 

  • Does my resume say what I need it to say?

  • How do I ace an interview?                                                           

  • What can I do to increase my chances of finding employment?

What can you do today to help you get closer to where you want to be tomorrow?

In a world of work that is experiencing significant technological and social change, it has never been a more important time to put yourself in the driver’s seat of your career and take control of how you move forward.  A qualified career coach can provide you with the tools and a valuable roadmap to do this with confidence.


Whether you are transitioning from school to further study, or from study to work or returning to work after time away from paid employment, career coaching can amplify and accelerate your career aspirations.  GHF Career Coaching provide consultations in person (in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney) or online via telephone or Zoom. 


At GHF Career Coaching, we can help you with the following:

  • Career coaching – to connect who you are with where you are going.

  • Job application preparation – how to analyse job ads, create tailored cover letters and resumes based on best practice.

  • Creative job searching and how to enhance your professional networks.

  • Build your professional identity using professional online platforms such as LinkedIn.

  • Recognise your value using your strengths, experience and attributes as a guide.

  • Provide optimistic but realistic career options through a practical process of self-discovery and evidence-based guidance.

  • Further study – investigate the range of suitable pathways available to meet your needs.

Career Coaching Program for YoungAdults

Are currently looking for work or a career change or perhaps you are nearing the end of your study and you're unsure what you can do with your degree?


Our career coaching program is designed to give you the confidence and the ability to uncover meaningful career options and create an actionable career plan to make it happen using a proven 'great' decision making process.


Cost:  $245 (inc. GST)

includes pre-work, 60 min consult, and follow up action plan.

Consider us your 'travel agent' of your career - using our expertise in everything career-related, let us help guide you toward success and professional fulfilment.

* Consults are available by telephone, Zoom or in person (to local residents of the Sutherland Shire).

Build  your Professional Identity

Articulating who you are in a professional and meaningful way to potential employers is essential for career success.  Is your resume, LinkedIn profile or interview skills doing you justice?  Our evidence-based tips and tricks will guide you toward success.


Cost: $160 (inc. GST) per 60 min consult - you choose the focus of discussion 

This may include:

  • Developing and tailoring your resume

  • Writing a winning cover letter for a job application 

  • Updating your LinkedIn profile to connect, engage and be seen by potential employers

  • Preparing you for your next interview (and learning the STARR technique to give evidence of your competence)

  • How to cast a net not a hook to secure employment

  • Effectively changing careers - it's called a career pivot!

* Consults are available by telephone, Zoom or in person (to local residents of the Sutherland Shire).

Need a quick, obligation free chat first to work out how we may help? Please contact us via the form provided to organise a time.


Anna was more than a mentor and a career coach to me. As a fresh graduate, I had hundreds of brainstorming questions.


Anna helped me from day one, teaching me a strategic approach to exploring career options and the steps I needed to take. Without her help, I would not have a clear mission to succeed in my professional career.


She puts her heart to everything she does to help individuals achieve their goals in both their professional and personal life. I cannot thank enough Anna as my mentor.

Marketer, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur.

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