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An online, self-paced career discovery program for high school students

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Is your teenager struggling with want they want to do when they leave school?


Or are they feeling overwhelmed with all the choices available and don’t know where to start?


Or are they worried that they’ll make the wrong career choice so they’re choosing not to make any choice at all?


If you’ve said yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.  As a qualified Career Consultant working with people of all ages, I am asked questions such as these all the time.   That’s why I created The Career Creation Project for Students.


This online, self-paced career discovery program is filled with contemporary research and career insights to remove the guesswork and uncertainty from choosing what to do after school and replacing it with a proven process to effectively navigate their way into the complex and changing world of work.



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The Career Creation Project for Students

A self-paced career discovery program with interactive workbook.   

Remove the guess work from deciding what to do next.  Gain the clarity

and confidence to choose a meaningful career direction using a proven

step-be-step career discovery process.  You wouldn't go on holidays without

doing some research.  Your career journey is one big adventure and well 

worth investing some time into now to create a roadmap for what lies ahead.

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The Career Creation Project for Students - creating a fearless future.