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GHF Career Coaching provides practical and evidence-based career guidance to adults and students whilst providing support to parents and caregivers to enable young people to make meaningful career decisions about their future, with confidence.


To enable our clients to make good quality career decisions, we help you to identify where you are currently at, how you are feeling about it, and what career direction you are best aligned to using your skills, interests, experience and values as a guide.  We help you understand the current labour market, where the jobs are most likely to be, and the skills that will be required to thrive in the rapidly changing world of work.  Basically, we take the guess work and uncertainty out of what to do next and replace it with knowledge, skills and evidence-based research.


GHF Career Coaching provides individual career coaching sessions (face to face and online) and tailored group career coaching seminars, webinars and workshops.  The career coaching we provide is designed to meet the needs of each individual or group and we work closely with industry and our wider community to make this happen.

Why we do what we do

The way we work is changing. A young person today is expected to have 5 careers / 17+ different jobs throughout their working life. Casual and part-time roles are more prevalent and many struggle to find meaningful employment or simply to get 'their foot in the door'.   Career pathways are becoming more complex and the range of choice available can be overwhelming.

At GHF Career Coaching, we introduce our clients to a proven career discovery process to replace feelings of confusion and overwhelm with confidence and purpose.  We share our extensive expertise with you, answer any questions you may have about what to do next, and prepare you to navigate your way forward in the direction of your choosing.

How we do what we do

We have a community approach to career education and use our collective strengths to support and guide our clients toward a productive future.  Our programs aim to generate quality career conversations amongst individuals, parents, students, industry professionals, teachers and career advisers. Our intention is not to replace any valuable career-related services or great resources that are currently on offer but rather to share them with our clients and complement them as needed.


At GHF Career Coaching we support the following best-practice principles:


Repeated career education is more effective than a one-off event - this is why we offer career education in a variety of ways – individual and group consultations, workshops, online webinars and seminars.  We also provide tools and resources to support evidence-based career conversations and integrate existing career strategies in a planned approach to career development.


Career education provided by a career development specialist is more effective - career education is what we specialise in.  Our aim is to help people explore, dream and discover opportunities using contemporary research and available career-based tools and resources to navigate their careers.  We act as a Travel Agent of your career journey.


Online career coaching sessions (online) can be as effective as face to face sessions - how we learn is unique to each of us.  This is why we offer individual and group career coaching sessions both online and in person.  It also allows us to provide career development education cost-effectively throughout the community.


Flexible career development strategies used in combination with each other are more effective - we support a combination of workshops, written exercises, self-awareness activities (including values clarification), online activities, and practical career events (including work experience) to provide a hope-centred and solution-focussed approach to career development.

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Since our first meeting I felt inspired with Anna's optimistic style. We have developed a close bond and I have taken and applied several of the accurate recommendations she has given me.


I have discussed with her many important decisions for my future and she has always encouraged me to be myself and trust in my skills. Thanks to her advice, I have become the confident professional I am now.


Business Development Manager