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What can you do today to get you to where you want to be tomorrow?

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Career coaching
for young adults

Career coaching

for students


Glass Half Full (GHF) Career Coaching provides practical and evidence-based career guidance to enable you to step into a fearless future, with confidence. 


Our qualified Career Consultants will help you:

  1. Provide clarity around where you are now and how you are feeling about it

  2. Explore career options and Identify where it is you would like to be using your skills, experience, interests and values as your guide, and 

  3. Provide a realistic and tailored action-plan to help you achieve success


Our Career Coaching sessions are held in our office (face to face) or online.  We won't sign you up to extended and expensive programs, but rather tailor each session to your needs so that you only pay for exactly what you need.  Common areas of support include:

  • Helping you make an informed career decision as to what to do next

  • Practical career-based support for parents

  • Demystifying further study pathways & early entry options

  • Creating evidence-based Resumes & Cover Letters

  • Developing interview skills & creative job search strategies

  • Building your professional identity incl. LinkedIn profile

  • Offer tailored and online career seminars, webinars and workshops


What are you waiting for?  Find out more 

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